Hotel Guest Photographer 2016 / Fotograf

Lokacija: Rhodes,greece

Place of working :   Rodos  /  Rhodes Island,  Greece.                                
Working  period:  from 20 — 23. 04. 2016.   until   01.— 20. 10. 2016.      
Job  position -   PHOTOGRAPHER Persons required:    4                                                                                                          PREFERRED CANDIDATES WITH  EU PASSPORT /   EU CITIZENSHIP

 CV  - ENGLISH /  WITH  PHOTO ( CLOSE UP )                                                                                                                          Gender: Male or Female         Age: 23-38                                                                                                                                  Character profile:  Positive attitude, outgoing  personality, motivated,creative, responsible, organised, team player  and tidy.                                       
No drugs, no alcohol. Smoking  is limited  in working time.                                                                                                   Training period:   Full Training 7- 9  days                                                                                                                                     Job description: Taking photos of hotel  guests during a dinner time  in front of the main restaurant  &  selling photos  displayed on   boards (stands) next  morning at same place , single  and  team work.
Approaching the guests , friendly , polite ,professional, making good impression, suggesting and asking (informing) them to have their photographs taken ( families, couples ,singles,groups).

Working in various  hotels, different locations, 
Working hours:   7  hours of active work in Hotel, rest of time spending in duties , coming / going to office, short meeting,  job organising  &  transporting  (driving)  to Hotels and back.    Total Daily hours 10-11.
2 Days off  monthly (every second week).
Photo  Equipment  / Cars :  provided by Employer                                                                                                                     Dress code:  Casual Uniforms,  Polo shirt &  ID tag.( decent jeans or dark  trousers owned by photographer )
Requirements:                                                                                                                                                                           Driving license:  B  category -  Active driver, experienced
Working experience (skills): With  experience  at least  3-6 months   in photo-business:  hotel photographer,  cruise -ship  photographer,  event photographer, mainly  fluent english speaking,  very preferred  languages are  french, german, russian, polish, czech ,italian.                                                                                                                                       Allternative experience : public relation jobs ,direct  customer selling , salesman , hotel  entertainment , mainly  fluent english speaking,  very preferred  languages are  french, german, russian, polish, czech ,italian ( medium level).
Wage: Fixed 25 EUR Daily  +  Percentage( commission)                                                                                                            Fixed salary paid in Two parts every: 15th & 30th of month.   Percentage is paid daily.                                                                                      
Possibility to earn from:  Basic  700 EUR  +  Percentage from 150 EUR up to 600-700 EUR  monthly.
Bonus of 300 EUR on the end of finished season and presented job agreement.( aprroximatley 5 to 6 month term).                             
Medical insurance cover    
Accommodation :                                                                                                                                                        
Employee it's paying 160 EUR  monthly                                                            
Employer it's paying  110 EUR monthly.  
Total price of apartment : 270 EUR                                                                                                                                                                                                                  One comfortable room apartment,  with A/C , small kitchen, bathroom,balcony, free  ethernet cable internet.                                                                     
Cost of electric energy based on consuming- approximately from 10-25 EUR  monthly.                                                                                                      
Food and drinks not provided. 
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